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Our after-school programs are an opportunity for children to expand their experience at Terrahana into the rest of the year. Each program consists of a small group of 12-13 children attending one afternoon per week for the duration of the school semester.


As an afterschool program, we facilitate a space of informal learning and play where nature connection can grow throughout changing seasons. Each week there will be a routine to our time together, and plenty of options for how we choose to co-create our experience. We begin by coming together as a group, informally taking time to for each of us to arrive, settle and unwind. We then decide together how we want to engage — whether it’s running and wild or more quiet and focused on a skill or project. The games we participate in tend to be more on the wild side in order to release any cooped up energy left over from the routine of the school day. We envision the afterschool space to be primarily child-led, organized and held by Terrahana mentors in the context of respectful Earth engagement.

program details - Fall 2023

Middlebury Session   

Ages:            6 and up
Schedule:     Thursdays for 10 weeks, September 28-December 21

                              (no meeting November 16, 23 and 30)
Hours:           3:15pm-5:30pm (kids can be dropped off as early as 3pm)
Location:       Wright Park in Middlebury
Tuition:          $250 for the full semester

Ripton Session   

Ages:            6 and up
Schedule:     Wednesdays for 10 weeks, September 27-December 20

                              (no meeting November 15, 22 and 29)
Hours:           3:15pm-5:30pm
(note: kids attending RES can be dropped off by bus)
Location:       Private land in Ripton
Tuition:          $250 for the full semester

One program per child. Continuing participants in the Middlebury program are invited to apply first for that program via email. The application for both programs opens to all on June 10 at Noon.

You may find our general policies and most current COVID-19 information here. These reflect our current operations and apply to all upcoming programs.

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